Friday, January 13, 2012

Green Bay Packers New York Giants Predictions - List to Live By

Matchup: Green Bay Packers vs. New York Giants
Location: Lambeau Field
Time: Jan. 15th, 2012, 4:30 PM
Line: -9

When the clock strikes 4:30 on Sunday, Aaron Rodgers and the now healthy Green Bay Packers will face Eil Manning and the New York Giants. With a week to rest and several weeks for the like of Greg Jennings, Brian Baluga, Chad Clifton and Josh Sitton (the latter two who missed the two sack affair in the regualr season meeting) the Packers seem primed and ready to step onto Lambeau Field and do what everyone expects them to do, win. Obviously though, expectations can't win the game for you, nor will the Giants and Tom Coughlin lay down and take it either. So we gotta play the game.

Quick Hits to Make you Think:

- Three fifths of the Packers line were injured in the first matchup, Brian Baluga, Josh Sitton and Chad     Clifton
- Josh Sitton and and Clifton didn't even suit up
- The Giants still on recorded two sacks in that game 
- The Giants are 27th against the past in overall on Defense
- Justin Tuck and Osi Umenyiora did not play against the Packers 
- Justin Tuck Missed Four Games, Osi Umenyiora Seven Games, Jason Pierre Paul Zero 
- Giants are 4-1 in games all three played
- They beat the Dolphins, Patriots, Cowboys and Falcons and lost to San Francisco by a touchdown
- In those games the Giants had 19 sacks and gave up 219 ypg
- The Packers have given up 41 sacks 11th worst in the league 
- Giants are third in the league in sacks 
- Green Bay allows 4.7 yards a carry 
- Kansas City averaged 4.5 in the Packers Lone Loss
- Kansas City had zero turnovers
Teams were 79-26 this year when they avoided even a single turnover, and the Giants were 4-0 in such games
The Packers haven't won a single game in which they didn't force a takeaway since December of 2005. 2005
- Eli Manning has 16 interceptions on the year and the Giants have only 6 fumbles as a team
- Eli Manning's home road splits are nearly identical.
- The Packers had 6 drops by receivers in the K.C. Loss
- Jermichael Finley had three in that game and three in the Giants game
- He also had 6 receptions 87 yards and a touchdown against linebackers in that game
 7 NFC #1's have ever lost at home, but three have been in the past four years, one was the Giants

With all that said we can say a few things that need to be done by each team to win. 

-Eli and the Giants offense should play clean, Jacobs should dominate the ball and the Giants offense should keep the Packers offense off the field.
-The Packers offense must protect Aaron Rodgers, catch the ball and attack the middle of the field, much like the first game.
-The Giants defense must get coverage sacks to allow more players in coverage and more time for the Ends to get into the back field to disrupt Rodgers.
-The Packers defense needs to play smart, read Eli and force him to make bad decisions, though their pass rush is lacking right now.

Bold Predictions 
- New York Giant running backs will total over 200 total yards
- Pierre Paul won't have a sack
- Umenyiora will have at least two.
- Eli Manning will have at least 4 touchdowns

-Jermichael Finley will have the best game among Rodgers targets
- Dom Capers defense will not rebound, points wise
- The Packers will not force a turnover
- The Packers will get at least 4 sacks
- Clay Matthews will have 3 of them

- Eli Manning and Aaron Rodgers will be beaten and bruised, exchange crunch time touchdown drives but Rodgers' will be the second and the Packers will win:

Green Bay Packers 31
New York Giants 28

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