Friday, January 13, 2012

Tim Tebow and Tom Brady: Hated by Association

Tim Tebow and Tom Brady. Similar and Different. Both Quarterbacks. Both division champs. Both media gods,  underrated playmakers, at least at the two year mark in each ones respective careers.

One's the Golden Boy, one the Golden Child. They both attended big time schools, with big time histories and with multiple big time rivals (Brady's Michigan is bitterly hated by Ohio St. and in state rival Mich. St. while Florida's got Tennessee, Florida St. and University of Miami). Each had that college moment that was idolized by the schools that call them idols (Tebow crying on the sideline and the speech, Brady the 98' season of second comebacks and the 98' Orange Bowl).
They even share the unwavering, eye on the prize opponent torturing focus and cool in the face of their biggest challenges.
But it is the unbridled, unrelenting dislike of these two individuals for being themselves. You might stop reading there and say, "what channel are you watching!?!?", but,  the truth is, Tom Brady and Tim Tebow are winners, and they win by never changing who they are to get ahead. They do it the way they have always done it and how winners have done it. They believed in themselves, blocked out what they heard about themselves that was negative and just plain worked harder than you. And they are left to take the public bullet when the media gushed so much over them that those who aren't fans developed such a discourse for the constant feeding of stories, specials, coverage and analysis that the dislike for constant coverage is pointed towards those that are, in this case Tebow and Brady.

I am not a Brady or Tebow fanatic, Pats or Broncos fan or Florida Gator or Michigan Wolverine. Far from it.  I bleed black and gold ( Steelers)and green and orange (The U). Both qb's. and the teams they are associated with have broken my heart too many times on the field of play to count. But I'm a realist. They are and should be the good guys. Tebow is devout in his faith and lives in it the way your supposed. (I should know: I went to catholic schools from preschool to college). Brady says the right thing, lives within the law and gets attention for how he helps his team and his sport rather than hurt it. No animal cruelty, drunken irresponsibility or member's chairs in strip clubs.

But instead of taking what we see and read and leaving well enough alone, we fall victim to the rumors, to the maybes, the what ifs, the things they haven't done or what the detracting media coverage has to say.

Tim Tebow has two halves in the media and the public eye.

The first is an everybody man. He is the guy that overachieves, gets the good job and has all the friends in the world. But he had to earn every bit of it and that, along with what it allowed him to accomplish, that created the following and eventual media love he now is now encompassed in. You could say that Urban Meyer's man crush on him was the only reason Tebow even got a chance at quarterback and didn't become a tailback too slow to make a difference as. Or you can look at his quiet fire and incomparable motor, never wavering, quitting on himself or his teammates and allows keeping an even keel. Some might see tv spots like the pre draft special and the Mic'd up special that Tebow agreed to the added publicity and thusly is a glutton for the attention. Or you can look at what they reveal, a work ethic that saw him working 12 hours a day to become a legit first round qb that would fold who he was to get more coin. Watch the Mic'd up, a contractual obligation rather one players sign up for, that further proves his religious qualities, ability to let his obligation to others keep his glass half full and ice cube cool while letting that same quiet and spiritual confidence stir them and keep them ready and stable.

His public image is one that children should see more often, rather than the Lawrence Phillips, the Jemarcus Russell's and the Pac Man Jones'. Heck, even the Ochocincos. That we vilify him for it is a proof that our entertainment barometers need some adjusting.

Tom Brady is similar in his cool demeanor that is infectious and calming for a Patriots team that has own the AFC East every season that he's commanded. Similar in his "awe shucks" appeal in the media  and that he has had to work to get were he is. He fought off Drew Henson, a mega amateur talent, and Brian Griese, son of a Legend and future quarterback for Tebow's Broncos. He had to earn the Michigan Wolverine communities respect after they booed him relentlessly and screamed for his benching and a coach who nearly let him transfer from Michigan in Lloyd Carr. His infamous seventh round selection put him behind Drew Bledsoe but he beat him out too. He can barely throw 50 yards, runs worse than a 4.9 40 and will never win a strongman competition. But his competitiveness makes him Jordan-esque. Not as talented as you but infinitely more resourceful and harder working then you. And we hate him for it. That and his Jeter-esque tabloid attention. But also like Jeter, he never was a cheater, domestic violator or club hopper like most athletes with millions of money and as many women chasing him. He put winning and team above all and deflects accolades to his team and family, just like Jeter. Top it off his marriage and baby on the way with Gisele Bundchen.

 His public image could have easily became Ryan Leafs, Ben Roethlisberger's or Mike Vick, but by keeping his nose to the ground and eye's on the prize he stays the straight and narrow.

Big Ben has two accusations of rape,
and countless horror stories from fans in Pittsburgh. Pacman Jones lives in strip clubs and has more mug shots thn mugs. Mike Vick did some really bad things and Lawrence Phillips is in jail for 31 years for domestic battery, drugs and using his vehicle as a weapon by running it into three teens.

Tim Tebow  and Tom Brady are hated
hated by Hurricanes, Seminoles, Spartans, Buckeyes,  Jets, Dolphins, Chargers and now Steelers.  But it should be for the reason they should rather than the reason why have been hated. Because they are who they are and do what they do, win. No matter how much we hate it.
But if you had two baby boys and you wanted them to emulate someone, would it be Brady and Tebow or Lawrence Phillips and Brett Favre?

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