Friday, January 6, 2012

Super Bowl Coaches Predict Superbowl Contenders

Recently, two of the last decades best superbowl coaches were asked who they thought would be this year's super bowl matchup. Here's what they had to say.

Who do you like in the Super Bowl?
Cowher: I will take New Orleans and Pittsburgh. I think Pittsburgh is a team that can go on the road, they are built to do that with their great defense, and do that all three games. Pittsburgh has great matchups with New England (13-3) or Baltimore (12-4). New Orleans is the one team that can go back up and beat Green Bay. I’m picking the hot hand there.
Dungy: Well, I started out early on with Pittsburgh and Green Bay and I’m going to stick with that. If Ben is healthy, that has a good chance to play out. The team that is scary to me is the Giants. I think they can make some noise.

It is one thing to read Cowher's statement and assume hometown and personal bias. But to see Dungy take the same approach speaks volumes to what the Steelers are built to do and that is play defense, the winning solution to every Super Bowl team outside of the 2006 Colts. New Orleans is defenitely the hot hand and possesses the most statistically accomplish QB of the year in Drew Brees and are the only team that can match Green Bay point for point. Green Bay however, is a special team that, week 15 notwithstanding, know how to win the close games. This will be easily one of the best playoffs to date.

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